We are a youth-led NGO in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania inspiring social behavioural change by positively influencing communities through the use of 3D Animations, Radio Dramas & Comics to deliver crucial messages to the community, especially to adolescents in Tanzania.

Safari Yusuph Mikocheni Secondary School

I have learned from the animations that I can fight against early marriage and female genital mutilation for my classmates just like Ngeti. I am inspired to fight for my dreams and be a big person in the world, if I have the right support system, as Ngeti whose father was willing to support her even at the cost of losing his entire wealth

Magreth Jerry Mikocheni Secondary School

Young girls should be given their right to education so that they can be like Mama Samia in the future


I didn't like the animation...I loved it. These stories teach people morals that benefit other people's lives and this is good for the society." Student from Crown Secondary School, Dar es Salaam Tanzania