Youth as Agents of Change.

The world we live in is always constructed by change. Positive or negative, change is a constant force for development. We believe that youth are the key agents to enact change. Not only are youth a powerful labor force, but they also achieve whatever they set their minds to. Tai Tanzania, being a youth-led organization, recognizes the value and effort laid by all youth who actively impart change in their surrounding societies. We are taking a close up look at one of the aspirations in the country:

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Saul Paul Mwame.

Born in Kibwaiga, Tanzania, and coming from a low-income family, Saul Mwame is an inspiration. At 20 years old, Saul has committed himself to set bars for youth like himself in Tanzania to reach. A high school student at DCT Mvumi Secondary School in Dodoma saw the lacking educational privilege and the struggle that faced his fellow students with special needs and acted on it. The lack of educational materials to aid these students, especially the visually impaired, dwindled their pursuit for education and crushed their dreams of improving their lives. Saul, young as he is, stood at the forefront to fight for inclusive education for diverse learners, by co-founding a club, Connections – Based Learning in January 2019. His objective; to advocate and sensitize adequate educational materials for Visually impaired students, so that they can have the same privilege as other students. From his valiant efforts, DCT Mvumi Secondary is one of the only schools in Tanzania with its own visually-impaired unit to support students with visual impairment or full blindness. The 10 or so visually-impaired students at Mwame’s school have access to Braille machines (a system of raised dots used by visually-impaired people to decode text) and can take notes in Braille through dictation with the help of classmates.

This club has amassed a very positive response in Saul’s community. The club usually meets on weekends and conducts life skills as well as entrepreneurial education workshops. In addition to that, the club provides Volunteer opportunities to help youth shape themselves and create an impact on their community. Saul’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. In 2019, Saul was awarded the Princess Diana Award, given to young people who make a positive impact in their communities.

Image 2
Saul-Paul Mwame in a group photo with school mates.

He also represented Tanzania in 2017 at the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Sustainable Development Goals even focused on education. Also being a Global Youth Ambassador for Tanzania through their world, he commits himself to equitable education advocacy.

Looking at Saul, we hope youth of Tanzania get inspired and motivated enough to stand out and cultivate change. You don’t have to be skilled; you just have to be willing! Every youth is a leader within, simply take that step and dare to fly.

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