Menstrual hygiene management (MHM) refers to management of hygiene associated with the menstrual process. The WHO and UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program (JMP) for drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene has used the following definition of MHM: Women and adolescent girls are using a clean menstrual management material to absorb or collect menstrual blood, that can be changed in privacy as often as necessary for the duration of a menstrual period, using soap and water for washing the body as required, and having access to safe and convenient facilities to dispose of used menstrual management materials. They understand the basic facts linked to the menstrual cycle and how to manage it with dignity, without discomfort or fear.

Tanzania MHH Coalition; The Annual General Meeting Venue

 This year, the MHH Coalition took place in Dodoma region that called upon different stakeholders from various organizations including TAI Tanzania, HQ, Word Vision, UNICEF, Plan International, Msichana Initiative, Anuflow and many more. The purpose of the Meeting was to take stock of key issues and recommendations, agreeing on the set of outcomes, activities, and timeframe. There was also Resource Mapping and agreeing on who will do what, where, when and what resources need to be leveraged. 

Our Representative, Mariam Mintanga (Second Person from the Left) 

The Co-chair gave details about the MHH Strategic Plan. Its preparation process started from developing problem and solution trees, setting priorities, output, outcomes, activities, indicators, timeframe, and a budget. The Strategic plan also has 4 pillars derived from 3 thematic areas of MHH Coalition that is Water and Sanitation facilities, Products Value Chain, Education, and Awareness Creation. The strategy indicates five principles to guide implementation in respective thematic pillars.  

Tanzania MHH Coalition; The Annual General Meeting Stakeholders

In line with our vision, enabling equal access to education for all young people in Tanzania, we are creating an environment that will foster adolescents to have attend school for all the years required because education plays a crucial role in children’s and adolescents’ future. 

We are proud to be a part of TZ-MHH as we aim to accomplish our goal of reaching a large number of young adolescents through raising awareness on different issues including Menstrual Health and Hygiene. We believe through this coalition we will be able to join forces with other organizations and be able to make impact not only towards community members but also policy makers. 

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