Our Approach

We use storytelling and media technology i.e. 3D animation video content to inspire social behavior change in the community.

At the center of Tai Tanzania Media’s work are compelling narratives that celebrate the positive and reflect our storytelling approach to make a positive impact. We are the fastest growing organization in the field of Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC); the strategic use of 3D animation films to promote positive outcomes in health, education, and social justice. Grounded in human-centered design methodology, we employ a systematic, participatory process that utilizes television, video, print, social media, interpersonal channels, and community mobilization to achieve defined objectives at the community, national and regional levels.

We believe that the use of technology is a fast and easy way to reach more youth in Tanzania and the world at large. Storytelling through the use of 3D animations is very effective for educating and entertaining, hence we use this approach to raise awareness on various issues facing the youth and the community. Currently, our projects; Pamoja and Darubini uses this approach to address various issues facing students to have full access to education.