2D & 3D Animator Internship

Expired on: Jul 24, 2021
Job Title 2D & 3D Animator Intern
Report to Production Producer
Duration 6 Months
Work percentage           100% 
Location Tanzania, Dar es salaam 
Working hours  08:00 am – 05:00 pm (Monday to Friday) 
Job summary The 2D & 3D Animator will take on a variety of tasks as; creating characters, visual effects, environments/scenery designing and animating. Using technical and creative design skills, he or she should be aware that different projects have different demands but an understanding of movement and basic art principles of animation is always necessary. The Animator will read through the scripts and discuss with the Production Manager to understand what the project needs and creating characters, objects, animations, and assist in the editing process. He/ She should be collaborative, knowledgeable, and reliable.

ABOUT Tai Tanzania 

Tai Tanzania is an innovative youth-led organization that uses the power of combining data, storytelling, and technology to inspire behavior changes among young people based on stories from the community. We produce edutainment content such as animation film, music, and comics’ posters. Tai was founded in 2012 and registered in 2013. Tai’s vision is to create socio-behavioral change to live in a society where youth are responsible leaders in ensuring sustainable development. To do so, Tai focuses on creating environments that will foster adolescents’ access to school since education plays a crucial role in children’s and adolescents’ future lives.  


2D Animator

· Creating storyboards, characters, backgrounds, and scenes transitions, bringing creative ideas and concepts to life.

· Designing and producing images as; producing special effects and actions graphics, creating frames and characters and designing advertisements and websites.

· Using software and other techniques to produce 2D animations.

· Ensure synchronization of frames and audio, joining images with background graphics and special effects and participate in the whole editing process.

· Collaborating with the production crew to bring about a wonderful and well-created animation per client’s requirements.

· Work on tight deadlines and ensuring the production of the final product that aligns with the needs of the client and delivered on time.

· Using creativity and artistic techniques to tell a story and deliver the content information visually.

· Researching on the industry trends and developments and learning new skills and advice on how they can be applied to improve our productions.


· Bachelor’s degree in animation, arts and design, filmmaking or related field

· Familiarity with 2D animation software such as MOHO, After Effects and Adobe Animate is a considered advantage

· Drawing and Illustration skills is a considered advantage

· Understanding the principles of animation

· A creative person with strong artistic imagination

3D Animator

· Creating scenes layout using the library assets.

· Composing and animating cameras in a cinematic style.

· Works closely with 3D artists, leads and the animation supervisor to ensure the client’s requirements are met.

· Liaising with other animators and concept artists regarding the requirements of the projects.

· Researching visual styles, genre and technologies to produce each individual project.

· Recreating real world environments and layouts.

· Animating characters, creatures, props, vehicles, weapons and objects, etc.

· Developing animation composites.

· Calculating and enter algorithms for final renders.

· Managing files, assets libraries and update procedures for documentation.

· Work on a tight schedule.

· Attention to detail, adaptability, and receptiveness to feedback and direction.

Ability to work independently or with a team to develop animations and solve problems.


· Bachelor’s degree in animation, computer science, film making or related field.

· Familiarity with Maya as the basic software we use for animating, knowledge of any other software is considered as an advantage.

· An understanding of aspects dynamics, character development techniques, animation rigging/set-up and overall 3D character animation.

· Understanding of the visual effects and associated pipelines.

· A creative person having skills in 3D animation.

· More education, experience, or proficiency with specific animation software platforms may be preferred.

· Attention to detail, adaptability, and receptiveness to feedback and direction along with the ability to work independently or with a team to develop animations and solve problems.


  • To actively participate in organizational activities as directed by the management team or supervisor 
  • To participate in team-building activities and organization events 
  • To participate in all meetings of organization internal and external 
  • Ability to work as part of a team 

Submission Send your letter of interest and CV to email: joinus@tai.or.tz and for further questions or inquiry contact Human Resource Manager through +255(0)743 300 006. When submitting your applicant make sure the subject on the email state: “Application for 2D/3D ANIMATOR INTERN.” The deadline for this application is July 23rd, 2021.

Job Category: Tai Tanzania
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Dar es Salaam
Sorry! This job has expired.