Innovation for a Resilient & Inclusive Digital Economy

Tai Tanzania had a great pleasure of participating in the Innovation Week, organized by HDIF in partnership with COSTECH and UKAID on 18th May, 2021. Like every year, we were at the forefront of revealing the value of Digital Education. The purpose of Innovation Week was to provide space for innovators, policymakers, funders, researchers, and other players in the innovation ecosystem to share what they have been working on, learn from and inspire each other, collaborate across sectors, and transform Tanzania through the scaling of innovation. We have constantly seen that when stakeholders come together, formidable partnerships can be formed to positively impact innovators and the innovation ecosystem. 

Celebrating Teamwork and Great Innovations

Multiple organizations participated to showcase their innovative activities and how they play a role in bringing positive change in our communities. The motive behind this event was to inspire current and future leaders of Tanzania to take risks in creating new ideas, collaborating across sectors and transforming Tanzania using innovation. 

Tai Tanzania uses media technology to promote positive social behavioral change in relation to health, education and social justice. Our strategic use of stories allows us to appeal to a broad audience while our focus on young people remains true to our mission of increasing youth participation in addressing social and economic development challenges in Tanzania. Innovation week was an abundant platform that connected the Tai Team with many potential young stars who seemed delighted and very much interested on the use of technology to create 3D Animations.  

Our Panelists from the left, Kamala Dickson (Moderator), Husna Said (National Coordinator of Her Ability Foundation), Gwamaka (Co-founder of Tai Tanzania), Kennedy Mmari (PR & Digital Marketing Expert), Given Edward (CEO of Mtabe)and Lydia Charles (Founder of HER Initiative).

The day began with heated panel discussion that was themed “Digital Education on Spotlight”. This made majority of the audience realize the significance of technology in education as it brought to light new perspectives. Worldwide, an estimated 172 million people were unemployed in 2018, which corresponds to an unemployment rate of 5.0 per cent. This clearly shows that in order to have a resilient and inclusive digital economy there is a lot to be done by youth in terms of taking risks to nurture new ideas, collaborating with different sectors and transforming Tanzania through brilliant, innovative ideas.

Ian Tarimo (Co-Founder of Tai Tanzania) and Mariam Mhina (Communications Officer at Tai Tanzania) at UNICEF Tanzania’s Innovation Week Event.

Tai Tanzania was invited to talk about out unique human-centred design solution for social behavioral change at UNICEF’s innovation week event. We elaborated on the way we involve women and girls in every stage of our innovative solution. Women and girls are at the centre of our innovation as they are involved in the pre-production, production and post-production of our 3D Animations, Radio Dramas and Comics.

Innovation Week events and exhibitions continue to be some of the most influential, educative and relevant platforms to share learnings and best practices on how to use technology and innovation for economic and social development. Tai Tanzania, being part of innovative industries, specializing on making 3D Animations, opens doors for opportunities. Young people have an open window to show and utilize their full potential. 

Creativity is Life for those who think, however, Innovation is what makes the Difference! 


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