Exploring The Importance of Mentorship  

What comes to mind when you think about the word ‘Mentor’? Do you think about your parents, your uncles and aunts? Maybe it is your supervisor or even your teacher. Or do you think about the characteristics of a person who can guide and support you as fly high like an eagle? No matter the case, a mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor. Someone who provides guidance, motivation, emotional support, and is a role model.  

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A picture of students from Assumpter digital skills.

A mentor can help one avoid the mistakes they could have made and help one attain their goals in a more efficient way. We, at Tai Tanzania, know the importance of young people having access to accurate information that will protect and guide them as they work towards achieving their dreams. This is why we partnered with Gai Tanzania, Msichana Kwanza, COSTECH Tanzania and Assumpter Digital Schools to talk to young girls in school about the importance of attaining mentorship and motivating them to work towards their dreams and goals in life. 

The panel included our Communications Officer, Mariam Mhina, who shared about her journey towards attaining her goals and action steps, young girls can take to gain focus. More than xx students attended the session; they were able to ask questions on how they can navigate achieving their goals and how to identify potential mentors. Through Tai Tanzania’s story, ambitious young girls were able to find inspiration and courage to start planning and preparing themselves for their future careers.  

Young girls were motivated to start working on their dreams now. To break down their dreams into smaller parts and start with the resources available to them. This allows for creativity and a problem-solving mindset leading to potential to be innovative.  

Image 2
A picture of event’s attendees

In light of our ever-changing world, it is important to let young girls know they can be a part of this development through being innovative and having an always ready-to-learn mindset. Mentors are an essential part of not young girls’ lives but also the boys and anyone aiming for continuous growth. 

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