Education Scholarship Program

Project Goal

We provide education scholarships to support secondary school students

who live in underprivileged communities. 

Target Group:

Adolescent Youth

Completion Status:


The Program

The government of Tanzania has embarked on the provision of free and compulsory education for primary and secondary schools. According to the circular free education policy, parents are not compelled to pay any fee or other contribution in public primary and secondary schools as it was done previously. The aim of this approach is to give the opportunity to children from low-income families to have access to free education, as well as lessening parent’s burden of excessive fees and other contributions.

In spite of free education, the majority of students in public schools are from underprivileged families and therefore struggle to obtain basic school supplies, such as uniforms, shoes, bags, textbooks, meals, and stationery. Students in rural areas face distance challenges, as they have to walk long distances to school.  This may lead to school dropouts, and later early pregnancy, early marriage, and STDs. 

We are currently running the scholarship program at Mongola Secondary school in Morogoro, with  30 students. 

Sponsoring A Student

What does it cover

Tai Tanzania is committed to sponsoring young boys and girls who are in public secondary schools and provide them with basic school items. 


What TAI provides includes:

  1. Medical cover for 1 year which will give them access to government hospitals and few private options.

  2. Meal allowance

  3. Two pairs of uniforms, shoes and school bag

  4. Textbooks and stationery (writing pads, pens, pencils, ruler and mathematical set

  5. Sanitary pads for girls

  6. Bicycles for those who live over 5 km from school and without reliable means of transport. Transport means. 

Sponsor a student at $175 a year

The education scholarship scheme has proven to be one of the best ways in helping students to attend school and reach their full potential for the cost of $175 a year, you can support one student in getting access to secondary school education. 

The program runs since 2015. We welcome sponsors who will commit to support a student until they graduate secondary school, i.e. supporting every year for four years for  $ 175 every year. 

Sponsorship can be given to one student or the whole school (50 students)

Sponsors will be communicating with the student, to ensure their well-being,  their academic achievements as well as being aware if there is an opportunity to continue supporting the student until college. 

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