On 24th of June, Tai Tanzania participated in The East Africa Cup 2021 online event. The event included different stakeholders from all around East Africa. The event’s objective was to make people understand and to address gender-based violence against girls in Sexual Reproductive Health. Gender-Based violence refers to harmful acts directed at an individual based on their gender. It is rooted in gender inequality, the abuse of power and harmful norms. It includes sexual, physical, mental and economic harm inflicted in public or in private. It is estimated that one or two in a group of women will experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.

Digital East Africa Cup 2021

Tai Tanzania has joined the fight against gender- based violence through storytelling, where we use 3D animated films to educate and address this pressing challenge in our community. During the event we got a chance to showcase our 3D animation called SHUJAA (brave). Our animated short film portrays a young girl called Ngeti who is being pressured by the society to deny her the right to education because of the misguided traditions directed towards girls Despite it all, she revealed the power a girl has the ability to change the community’s perspective about Female Genital Mutilation when she has the support of her parents and or guardians.

Pendo Amani Youth Organisation

More than 30 stakeholders attended the event including NGOs and Schools. Through our short film SHUJAA, Mariam Mhina (Communications & Partnerships Manager), was able to educate and also empower the young girls and boys to not give up on their dreams no matter the circumstance. Everyone was touched when they watched the film due to the heavy message the film was carrying. They did not hesitate to express their feelings and appreciate the good work from Tai Tanzania. Young people and various stakeholders were able to share their ideas on what can be done to prevent gender-based violence.

Gender-based violence is a global issue, Tai Tanzania alone cannot reach all people in the world so we call on stakeholders in various sectors to join forces so that we can help young people, especially girls, to achieve their dreams by overcoming barriers brought by the society. Together let us break the false traditions and customs that oppress the girl child.

Gender based-violence is unacceptable, let us all unite to raise our voices and use storytelling for social change.

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