ZUNGUMZA PRESS RELEASE. The End of Teenage Pregnancies Tanzania has the 17th highest adolescent fertility rate in Africa and it has increased from 116 to 132 between 2010 and 2016 (UNFPA, 2017).  Tai Tanzania aims to educate adolescents, both male, and female, about the adverse effects of teenage pregnancies through the true art of storytelling. Our new […]


NAWEZA PRESS RELEASE- Education Over Early Marriage In 2014, the UNFPA reported that Tanzania had the highest rates of child marriage; 2 in 5 girls would get married before their 18th birthday. Do you know how child marriage has affected and is currently affecting numerous young girls? Naweza 3D Animation Film Created by Tai Tanzania […]


EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT.  On 13th April, Tai Tanzania representative (Mr. Ellyson Nsigaye) visited Mongola Secondary School at Morogoro and supplied learning materials including notebooks, studying books, and sanitary pads to the students from unprivileged families both girls and boys. This project is being funded by Kipaji Foundation. Kipaji Foundation is a group of young, and committed entrepreneurs dedicated to focusing on the promotion of talents and skills.   In a world of change and progress, we face the challenge of […]


EAST AFRICA WOMEN’S DAY COMMEMORATION    On 8th March each year, we commemorate women’s achievements in different spheres, including politics and socio-economic endeavors. Women’s day is celebrated by many countries in the world, including the countries in East Africa such as Tanzania. Each year, a new theme is being launched to reflect the issues that matter and […]

Achievements of Nivushe animation.

Achievements of Nivushe animation. What remarkable day! A MILESTONE set on for Tai Tanzania. It was 11th February 2021, a day that we had our awe-aspiring short film called NIVUSHE launched on the big screens, at Century Cinemax, Mlimani City funded by USADF.  The day started with quite an interesting foul note. It was a cold rainy Thursday, which set whole […]

We all have our limitations, let them not define us.

My Story, Your Story On 11th February, Tai Tanzania launched its 3D animation film called “Nivushe”. A short film that addresses challenges faced by people with albinism during the momentum journey of achieving their goals. A young girl with albinism called Njaro is passionate to explore science. However, to become that version, she is forced to overcome countless aversion from […]