The Innovation Accelerator Initiatives have been implemented by UNFPA Tanzania in partnership with Sahara Sparks and in collaboration with the Government through the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children; the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Youth and Disability and other stakeholders. The initiatives are implemented through a platform called AMUA Innovation Accelerator. 

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The UNFPA Innovation Accelerator is a mentorship-driven acceleration program supporting young entrepreneurs with seed funding, training and skills development to generate innovative solutions in response to challenges related to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services, sexuality education, family planning, maternal health and other population development issues in line with UNFPA’s mandate. Tai Tanzania was one of the stakeholders who was able to secure a fund from UNFPA through the animation that called Harakati za Lucy which carries Sexual Reproductive Health. 

On 30th of July, Tai Tanzania got an opportunity to attend and participate the Launch of AMUA III Accelerator Innovate Data. The project launch provided a platform where key stakeholder on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and data introduced to the AMUA Innovation Accelerator III project.  The launch created an opportunity for the stakeholders to validate the Challenge Statements that were identified during the challenge definition workshop on 16th June 2021 were also Tai Tanzania participated. The workshop provided an opportunity for UNFPA and partners to meet and co-create innovative solutions that will have greater social impact. And the key area was identifying lack of quality data and tools to facilitate easy access to Sexual Reproductive Health data, data management and effective utilization of data in Sexual Reproductive Health. 

 The AMUA accelerator III focused on addressing data challenges by opening the call to innovators that came up with ideas and solutions that will help in addressing the challenge. Overall, the main objectives of AMUA III are generating innovative solutions and nurturing the Sexual Reproductive Health data ecosystem and creating new innovative data solutions to address data challenges facing the Social Reproductive Health practitioners in Tanzania. The process of identifying engaged a number of stakeholders from the Sexual Reproductive Health Ecosystem such as data owners, data financiers, data users, data manipulators and data regulators. 

Haji Mwinyi, Tai Tanzania Multimedia Person

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