Achievements of Tuwalinde Animation in Bagamoyo.

Looking back at the time, did you knew you will be born? And being raised with love and care by those who gave birth to you? Whatever asked was given. As a kid, diseases like malnutrition and diarrhea were like a movie of a fairytale. If everything mentioned above, turns to be vice-versa could you survive? However, while this is just an imagination to you, it’s a sentient encounter for more than 5 million children in Tanzania.

Snapshot of Tuwalinde Animation.

Although children are being well monitored and protected by both parents, government, and the community at large, still, issues as a complete meal, exercise, parents’ primary involvement in children’s growth, and hand hygiene are not well portrayed in the spotlight.

Denis Steven Kombe is a form three student of Kingani Secondary, located in the Bagamoyo coastal region, even though Denis is highly cared for by his parents still, he had concerns about the lack of direct communication with his guardians which demotivate him to perform more on his subjects.

Image 1
A picture of Denis Kombe during Tuwalinde dissemination.

Farashio Hussein is a form four student from Kingani secondary school, located in the Bagamoyo coastal region. Farashio had negative perspectives when it comes to exercise and a balanced meal, On the moments which her parents inform her to eat a complete meal and do exercise during the evening, she perceived that as torture and violence on her rights as a child.

Image 2
A picture of Farashio Hussein during Tuwalinde dissemination.

Blasaid Kilala is a form four student from Kingani secondary school, located in the Bagamoyo coastal region. Blasaid is appreciative of the care provided by his parents, he finds it uncomfortable when his family makes follow-up in everything at school and out of school.

Image 3
A picture of Blasaid Kilala during Tuwalinde dissemination.

If not for Tuwalinde’s video animation Denis and other students would still have negative perceptions about good intentions their guardians have for them.

Activity performed to solve their problems.

The problem solution to Farashio Hussein, Denis Kombe, and Blasaid Kilala was not only through showcasing Tuwalinde animation but also to insight about children’s rights and how entitled guardians are safeguarding them. Tai Tanzania in collaboration with HDIF displayed an edutainment animation for boys and girls from Kingani Secondary school. This video disported how parents can act as a wall to shield children from both non-infectious and infectious diseases, also promoting children’s sustainable growth and parental communication.

I feel relieved after watching this animation, the negative attitude toward my parents has vanished,  now I understand they only itched to protect me. Farashio Hussein from Kingani secondary school.

The difference made by these stories in the community.

Farashio Hussein, Denis Kombe, and Blasaid Kilala are among hundreds of students who benefited from Tuwalinde animation funded by HDIF,  Tuwalinde goal was to promote hygiene, parental communication, and protection of children’s rights. On January 22nd, 2021 Tuwalinde animation was disseminated to Kingani secondary school. This animation was first displayed and elaborated to teachers of Kingani with a topic of parental communication, we reached over 205 students and teachers, attributable to this video we reached over 200 students, 70 boys, and 200 girls, and 5 teachers. This is equal to 78% percent of the proposed and planned goal. The involvement of teachers and other stakeholders surrounding the community leads to community engagement.

“ After watching this animation, I’m triggered to request more of this work for my students to watch during weekends so that to experience behavior changes” Headmaster Kingani secondary.”


Image 5
Group photo of students from Kingani Secondary watching Tuwalinde animation.


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